Love of beauty, intelligence of the eye and delicacy of curves … a heritage of 8 generations of master ceramists… More than 180 years of artisanal creations forged in the pure respect of Moroccan traditions and constantly renewed, on the paths of design creation.

The house of Serghini is one of the best master ceramists and pottery artists in Morocco. Their workshops are located in the cities of Safi, Marrakech and Casablanca.

They are world-renowned for their refined, modernized and truly exceptional art.

Hand-forged in pure artisanal traditions or resulting from their most daring innovations, the creations of Pottery Serghini celebrate the culture and nature of the Kingdom of Morocco. Much more than that! Each piece is infused with a part of the personal story of its creator, a part of their most intimate emotions. Each shape, each curve represents an unprecedented moment in time that will never happen again.

Last but not least, quality is a firm commitment both for the Serghini family and for Marocarts! From the choice of materials to the manufacturing and transportation processes, we put quality and ethical trade at the heart of our concerns.

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